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Q: You're just a shitty ripoff

A: That's not a question. But yes, I did copy the concept from other guys. However they had it on Android and iOS only and my mobile isn't compatible. You know what is compatible with almost anything ? A web page. That's compatible with PCs, tablets, smartphones, consoles... hell even some fridges. I don't put make the visitors pay anything to play the game, that would be morally bankrupt.

Q: But what about the other 2048 didn't you rip that off?

A: This is the only time I'll talk about this: I don't want to talk about this.


A: This 'version' was an abomination of gameplay, and honestly, if you played that you didn't even had to use your brain; I watch someone play it and it was the most useless thing I ever witnessed. But neverfear for the 64 version shall return with proper gameplay!

Q: Why don't you put ads? You'd make a shitload of money.

A: I don't like ads. Do you like ads? Even ad experts don't like ads.

Q: Why don't you accept donations with other things than bitcoins? You'd make a shitload of money.

A: I do want to set up donations, but I didn't find a system which doesn't ask me a quitillion question before I can get a simple donate button.

Q: Why are there no leaderboards ?

A: Because cheats. I can't be arsed to make anti-cheat code, because it'll basically be an endless race between cheat makers and me, and that's useless. I'd rather have the score be something you and your friends talk about than ruin the experience for some.

Q: Why are there no animations ?

A: People started playing at a high speed so when I launched the ideas of animations they didn't want to be slowed down by the speed of the animation. Moreover people have started forking the project to add animations so check that out on github!

Q: Please add [this]

A: I don't take requests, sorry

Q: I hate you.

A: Love giving suspended until further notice